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Does your to-do list just keep growing no matter how hard you work?

Do you spend more time than you’d like to admit doing mundane tasks that bring you no joy, or profit?

Those tasks that keep you from the reason you went into business, are my business.

From admin, customer interactions, social media management, event planning, and project management, I guarantee there is something that I do well, that you’d do well to outsource.

“If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.”

John C. MaxwellAmerican author

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Everyone has something to share –whether it is tips on marketing, advertising, or how to develop and manage a project from scratch. In 2020, conducting online courses is a great way to leverage our skills no matter what we do. Whether it is coding, marketing, leadership development, language studies or anything else, there are many...
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Gratitude vs Thankfulness – 8 Tips on How to Allow Gratitude to Reshape Your Life

We all have habits and behaviors we are comfortable (and not so comfortable) with. However, these traits could be a hindrance to our happiness. As a mother, wife and self-employed business woman, my days can be consumed with chaos! From raising my son, working with my clients and keeping my house in order—there tends to...
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Work from home

The Reality of Working From Home

As we live in quarantine, thanks to the nasty spread of COVID-19, more and more people are considering working from home to protect themselves and their families. I think this is a wonderful idea because working from the comfort of your own home provides many benefits beyond ensuring your safety during the pandemic. Creating your...
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What they are saying!

I have worked with Angiie for a year and a half now and she has been fantastic. She’s very tech-savvy, creative and has a modern and refreshing style, which I love. She just “gets” me and my business, is trustworthy and down-to-earth. All qualities I really appreciate. I highly recommend her!

Libby W
Nutritionist, trainer & CrossFit coach

Social Media for our businesses just got a whole lot better when Angiie came on board. Professional, prompt and a real value add to getting on track. I can’t recommend Angiie enough.

Nicola S

Angiie has been fantastic to work with her efficiency, prompt responses and advice has helped my business needs immensely. I highly recommend her services.
Thanks so much again Angiie.

Suzi D
Life Coach

Angiie’s skills are nothing short of amazing. Through video-conferencing, and face to face meetings, in my view, self-employed Angiie offers a cost effective option to considering temp hire. Angiie’s skills are not limited to those expected from an administrative or financial assistant, but extend to those we might expect from senior staff – including skills in the areas of Business Management (incl. development policies, procedures, and risk management)

Terry A
Project Manager
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Give thanks in ALL circumstances. 🙏🏽
"The BRAVE do NOT DARE to COMPARE, even if that comparison sees them coming out on top. They realize that there are many MORE STEPS yet BEFORE them. They have glimpsed the ETERNAL and realize that NOTHING earthbound can compare. This vision of a GLORIOUS MORE spurs them on.⁠
Comparison is a refuge for the COWARDLY who don't DARE TO BELIEVE there is something MORE. Daughters, there is so MUCH MORE for you." - Lisa Bevere
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➡️You can now create slide deck presentations and record yourself presenting all IN Canva!⁠
➡️ You can then share the link OR download it as an MP4 file and upload it to your website or course hosting platform!⁠
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💫 So if you already create your slides in Canva, there’s now no need for third party tools to record you presenting anymore!⁠
How you ask? 🤔⁠
🌟Click the three dots on the top right corner of your screen, and select ‘present and record’.⁠
🌟Straight away, you’ll have a video of you presenting your captivating slideshows!⁠
Have you been using this feature? 🤔
“Empowered people go to bed at night and feel good about their day. They don’t worry about all the things they didn’t do...instead [they] truly live a productive life where everything that is important to them is front and center.” - Tanya Dalton
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